Fortnite: How to Play Split-Screen With Friends on PC, PS5,XBOX and Switch in Fortnite

Fortnite is a good, multiplayer game with a Battle Royal format, making it a fantastic option for players who want to play with their friends. Fortnite is an online game that can be played on virtually any platform or console. Some of the more popular console options are the Xbox, PlayStation, and the Nintendo Switch—all of which can be found at the old school game vault. Overall, the Nintendo Switch reigns supreme  if you want to play Fortnite with your friends in the very same room. Of course, you will most definitely need to familiarize yourself with the Split-Screen function for Fortnite. Ultimately,  this allows multiplayers to play on one screen, divided into sections. As long as you’re not worried about screen hopping (cheating), then you’re in for a battle of epic proportions. If players are looking for some rare skins for characters in Fortnite, there is Fortnite Accounts For Sale on which provides various choices for you to select the good Fortnite Account.

However, it is not complex for players to make it. There are some guidance that instruct you to set up the Split-Screen easily. Please read this article carefully.

How to Play Split-Screen With Friends in Fortnite

In order to play Split-Screen in Fortnite, the most important thing is a second controller. However, not every platform can play Split-Screen, you can only make it come true through specific devices. Please remember the suitable devices and how to start with a second player in the following article.

Split-Screen on PlayStation and Xbox

When you start to play Fortnite split-screen, you will know that the process is clearly simple. There are some steps you should know to ensure the things go correctly in the process of playing.

Startup Fortnite, and go ahead to the main lobby

Turn on another controller, then log into another account. Please remember that you can not use a guest account.

Press the Triangle button on your PlayStation controller, or Y button on your Xbox controller to log in your account, and then you will see that both characters are available in the lobby, allowing for Split-Screen play.

In order to make everything smooth, you need to ensure that both accounts have a relevant Fortnite account. Instead of using a guest account, this action may cause a failure in Split-Screen. If you are willing to create a secondary account, you can go to Epic Game’s Website to apply them.

Split-Screen on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mobile

What a pity! There is currently no Split-Screen support for Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mobile devices. Because there are some obvious issues about the Split-Screen performed on the Nintendo Switch, the Switch Console can not give fully support for the Split-Screen mode that Fortnite needs. Maybe, there will be new update for the Split-Screen feature in these devices in the future. Players can wait for the news about them.

Game Modes Available in Split-Screen

There are Duos and Squads mode available for players in Split-Screen, players can cooperate with friends in teams to beat other foes together in the match. Playing Singles is not fair for other players because you can work with your partner to find more opponents in the single match. And you can also experience other modes, like Creative, Limited Time Modes, and Save the World.

Drawbacks of Split-Screen

When you are playing Split-Screen in Fortnite, your half of view will be blocked by another player in your screen, then you will not care about the surrounding of your view instead. So, you need to remember that keeping communicating with your partner continuously in order to get the right information about the environment. In addition, if the Split-Screen is on, the Crossplay is disabled, which means that you have to play against players in the same system family.

If you have known how to set up Split-Screen in Fortnite, it is time to call up your friends and start a good match with them in the game. You friends may need FN Accounts for playing Fortnite, you can buy them from in cheap prices.

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