Famous roulette players

The game of roulette appeared in the 18th century and since then attracts a lot of players from different social strata. Such popularity is explained by the fact that roulette is considered the easiest game of chance in most casinos, well, anyone who has a couple of kopecks in his pocket can make a bet. To choose a quality roulette game, we advise you to read online casino reviews that will definitely help you!

As claimed by Albert Einstein, a famous scientist and thinker of the past, you can win at roulette only if you win all the money in the casino. Surprisingly, such a statement of the famous physicist did not affect the millions of gamblers who continue to tempt fate sitting at the roulette table and ready to take any risk for the long-awaited victory. Throughout the existence of this popular game of chance from time to time there have been true legends casinos that managed to pull off a huge, huge score, and sometimes even destroy the entire gambling establishment. 

Roulette in film 

Thanks to the development of cinema roulette game was so romanticized, that millions of people have settled in the hearts of an obstinate desire to win, no matter what. For example, the sensational at the time movie “Casablanca” shows how Rick, played by Humphrey Bogart, decides to play roulette, in order to rescue his friend. A famous movie of the late 90’s “Run, Lola, run” shows how the protagonist, betting only 100 marks, won 129000 roulette. 

The virtuoso fraud of Jaggers and his team 

There have also been real high-profile cases in roulette history. Among the most famous is the successful attempt to “hack” the roulette wheel by Joseph Jaggers. A talented conqueror of the Wheel of Fortune won his popularity worldwide thanks to a clever scam. 

This story took place in 1873. Jaggers at the time was a handyman. One day after finishing his shift, he and his friends decided to visit the famous Monte Carlo casino on their way home to assess the possibility of reconfiguring the roulette mechanism. The observation revealed that each wheel has its own individual characteristics, which ultimately affects the final result of the ball movement. Having analyzed the identified specifics, Jaggers and his friends were able to take $325,000 from the casino. Subsequently, the success of this event became known to all lovers of gambling. 

The legendary Charles Wells strategy 

Cracking the roulette wheel was another no less talented thief Charles Wells. In 1891, going into the same casino as Jiggers, a fraudster only by using his own strategy to play roulette managed in a few days to bring the gambling establishment to bankruptcy. Moving from table to table and methodically winning each table a solid amount of money, Charles was able to completely “clean out” the casino, which raised him to the rank of legends of the gaming world. Players to this day tell stories about the famous Charles Wells, who managed to break the casino system. 

The best gamblers of our time 

However, legendary roulette players have not only existed in past centuries, there are many more of them in modern times. The most famous cases:

  • In 1990, Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo became hugely popular. He managed to win a significant amount of money in a Madrid casino while testing the roulette wheel. He owed his success to correct mathematical calculations and his belief in the absence of chance. Gonzalo believed that in the world, and thus in roulette, there are no accidents, therefore all processes are strictly subject to mathematical logic and patterns. After spending a long time in a casino in Madrid, Gonzalo’s long observation and analysis revealed the numbers that were most likely to win at all the roulette tables. Using a computer program, the genius analyzed the probability of those numbers falling on all tables. After the theoretical analysis was completed, he began practical research. Thus, a simple mathematical calculation turned out to be a gold mine, and literally in a few days Gonzalo became a millionaire. After such a dizzying success of the unknown Garcia-Pelayo, many gamblers thought of developing a system of total financial ruin of the casino. In the future, despite numerous attempts to repeat Gonzalo’s complex calculations, no one else succeeded. 
  • In 2004, a certain Ashley Revel decided to sell his house and all the goods, in order to fulfill his dream. With the proceeds Ashton went to Las Vegas, and made a single bet on roulette. He firmly believed that it was the roulette that would make him a rich man. He bet the entire collected amount of $135,000 on red. The ball fell in the red sector at the “7” mark. In an absolutely unthinkable way, thanks to unwavering courage and blind faith in success, Ashton won $27,000. His deed still inspires roulette fans around the world.


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