Famous Celebrities who have advertised Bingo

Seeing the faces of celebrities collaborating with big bingo companies to promote their services is common in the UK. Added to the commercial actors, the TV celebrities, musicians, and even the greatest movie actors become the face of the brand. Visiting best bingo sites enables you to be aware of the bingo sites that operate in this country. The fact that celebrities have a vital impact on their fan’s conduct in society pushes the bingo operators to team up with them. Nothing helps the bingo brands accomplish a high profile like an agreement from the celebrities, so here are the unforgettable celebrity names who have advertised bingo games.

Barbara Windsor

The cooperation of the late Barbara Windsor and JackpotJoy began in 2010 after her role in a British soap opera, EastEnders. As this biggest Gamesys Group’s bingo brand is one of the British places to enjoy online bingo games, its long-standing association with this legendary actress lasted seven years. Dame Barbara Windsor (DBE) portrayed the name of the Queen of Bingo when she was beautified in her royal dress as the queen. JackpotJoy made a huge profit from her popularity as she is considered a national treasure mainly after her success in EastEnders. Though she was replaced by Paddy McGuinness, a comedian on the dating game show, Take Me Out in 2017 she will stay the Queen of Bingo. DBE died on 10 December 2020 at the age of 83 after a battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

Verne Troyer

The actor and comedian Verne Troyer is mainly known for his role as Mini-Me in the second and third Austin Powers films collaborated with the renowned bingo site, BGO. The association began in 2014 when this Hollywood actor took on the role of a colourful and fictional character “the Boss”. In fact, the advertisement depicts the owner of BGO Casino called the Boss who challenges famous celebrities to “Beat The Boss” in his luxurious casino showing a notorious mood whenever he lost at his game. The 30-second television ad first aired in 2014 and the cooperation continued despite some issues. His great comeback was in 2017 when he confirmed his involvement to BGO.com until his sudden death in April 2018 when he was 49.

Mel B

The former Spice Girl Mel B starred in a new advert to promote CostaBingo.com in 2014. Globally recognised as an artist with a multi-million-pound recording career, Melanie Brown found her way by signing an agreement with the largest British bingo brand. This campaign cost £12 million pounds when America’s Got Talent judge is shown as a giant, walking the London streets while scared spectators run away. Then she sits down and plays bingo by saying “If you think I’m massive, get a load of this jackpot.” Following the successful TV campaign in 2014, Scary Spice was back as the face of Costa Bingo in 2015. As she was CostaBingo’s ambassador, she calls the female players which is evidently the main goal of the advertisement.

Paris Hilton

The entrepreneur and today’s most recognizable figure Paris Hilton was hired by BGO.com to promote their brands alongside “the boss” Verne Troyer. The campaign was launched in May 2015 and was joined by the American poker player and social media influencer Dan Bilzerian. After BGO commercial’s success with Verne, its collaboration with Paris enabled the company to increase its exposure and built upon its women players. The ad was filmed at a hotel in Los Angeles when the model and businesswoman sang in front of the bingo players including “the boss”. As Paris Hilton is recognizable around the world and one of the most photographed people, her appearance in the BGO.com commercial certainly brings valuable business to the company.

Peter Andre

The English singer and television personality Peter Andre appeared on the bingo ticket in 2015 to raise funds for Cancer Research. In effect, this much-loved celebrity personality launched an online bingo game called “Peter’s Hearts of Gold” following the death of his brother in 2012 due to kidney cancer. Singer Peter Andre is best known for his singles “Flava” and “Mysterious Girl”, and all money raised via the Fund is offered to the Cancer Awareness Roadshow. Since this British organisation aims to promote ways to reduce the risk of cancer and detect the disease at an early stage, the funds will enable them to carry out their research easily with no barriers. “Peter’s Hearts of Gold” bingo game allows people to win money on a daily, weekly, and even monthly basis. It won’t stop there because the selected winners would also meet the popular singer in person.

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