Exploring online video gaming and tech innovations

The United Kingdom (UK) is the leading video gaming market in Europe. Video gaming is booming in the country, in other words. The digital transformation of the gaming industry has been a massive factor, powering growth of the industry, and in 2020, digital games revenue hit a record 3.5 billion US dollars. New technologies, digital transformation and eager anticipation of new releases have all played a part.

Understanding the success of the online video games market

Technology has made a monumental contribution to the success of online gaming. Digital distribution of games, higher internet speeds, smartphones and the rise of digital gaming as a social experience have all contributed.

Content creators and streaming have also had a big impact. People who watch video games have become invested emotionally in the videos of people who stream video games and build communities by doing so.

Perhaps another big reason for the success of online video games is the sheer volume of choice. The market spoils fans with a variety of genres:

  • Survival and horror
  • Sandbox, a type of non-linear game focusing more on open environment
  • Puzzles
  • Role-playing games
  • First- and third-person shooters
  • Platform
  • Sports and simulation
  • Multiplayer online battle arena
  • Trends the world could soon see in the online video gaming industry

One major trend the world could see is the entry of major companies from other industries into the market.

In 2020, Amazon made its foray into the game-streaming and subscription service market, challenging Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, Google Stadia and Sony PlayStation Now by doing so. The company announced it would be offering top-tier games without the need for expensive gaming equipment.

Then in 2021, Netflix has stated its intent to venture into the gaming industry. There had already been rumours swirling around about this, but the announcement in a Q2 earnings report finally confirmed them. According to commentators, the company isn’t too concerned about monetising this venture at the moment and is preferring to focus on providing a quality gaming experience. 

The rise of online casino gaming

Another trend which has already been happening has been the rise in online casino gaming.

Since online casino gaming arrived on the scene, it has witnessed mind-blowing popularity, especially as the tech behind the games and the operators’ understanding of their customers and of tech trends to deliver engaging gaming experiences has grown constantly. Players no longer have to get behind a desktop computer to game. In the battle for new players, and to retain existing ones, online casino operators have tailored apps and websites so that players can enjoy the games comfortably on their mobile devices.

It’s also safe. Players can have winnings credited to their account and transfer them to a bank account online, rather than have to carry large amounts of cash in and out of an establishment. The operators also employ sophisticated encryption method to protect their customers’ personal data and allow them to use digital wallets, rather than oblige them to supply sensitive financial information.

Within the online casino industry, it’s often the fresh ideas which are the most successful, there’s usually more variety and options at new slot provider, highlighting the need for the industry’s biggest names to continue to innovate, otherwise they get left behind.

Further technological developments that could impact online gaming

The world of tech never sleeps. Even as you cast your eyes over this, tech brains will be pushing hard to come up with and manufacture the next big tech innovation.

One innovation that could change gaming is virtual reality and augmented reality. This is something with which some online casinos are already experimenting, but it could become more mainstream as gamers look for immersive experiences.

Another big innovation that could impact the future will be the arrival of 5G. In some parts of the world, 5G is already being implemented. This development will enable gamers to play games on their phone more easily and in more places. Gaming will be faster and game makers will create games that take into account 5G, which could lead to even more engaging games than before.

Games to watch out for in 2022

As 2021 almost draws to a close, the gaming world gets ready for some major releases:

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

This game is a standalone game that is likely to delight fans of the “Pokémon games. It’s a brand-new adventure, but players will still be able to perform the activities that make the Pokémon games a delight in the first place: finding Pokémon’s, levelling them, training them and capturing them.

Gran Turismo 7

The makers of the Gran Turismo games are somewhat renowned for their patience when it comes to releasing new games in the series: they’re not happy to release a game until they feel it’s truly ready. In March 2022, the series is back with “Gran Turismo 7”. Fans can expect another polished game, one which brings back the GT7 Simulation Mode.

The world of tech is producing a wide variety of outstanding developments that are revolutionising gaming, whether you’re playing video games online or participating in some casual online casino gaming. Gaming is a highly successful market and is becoming even more competitive, but fans, spoilt for choice, won’t mind that… not one little bit.

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