Electronic Arts and FIFA Announce Expanded Global EA SPORTS FIFA 22 Esports Program

On 29th September, EA Sports announced a new global EA Sports FIFA 22 esports program in conjunction with FIFA. The incentive is expected to attract tons of both viewers and players worldwide. The program will feature both 1v1 and 2v2 competitions where players will represent their nations, globally recognized esports organizations, and themselves in a fully diversified FIFA esports event. The competition will unarguably be the most prominent global competitive gaming ecosystem. There are already over 70 countries whose players are fully eligible to compete in FIFA.

The e-sport ecosystem event will feature three competitions: FIFA eClub Series 2022, FIFA Nations Series 2022 and EA Sports FIFA 22 Global series, ahead of the much anticipated FIFA eWorld Cup Series 22. All the events are scheduled to happen in 2022 during the summer.

FIFA eClub Series 2022 (the Debut of 2v2 FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) Cups)

The FIFA eClub Series 2022, also featuring the 2v2 competition, was set to begin in November alongside the FIFA eClub Online Qualifiers. The competition will also include the new FUT Team of the Year and Team of the Season Cups in anticipation of the FIFA eClub World Cup 2022. Registration has already begun on 5th October 2021.

FIFA eNations Series 2022 (National pride)

The FIFA eNations Series 2022, dubbed the national pride, is set to feature member association nations who will battle each other in the global 2v2 competition. Individual national campaigns are set to discover only the top and best competitive stars. The competition will begin at the FIFA eNations Online Qualifiers. Afterward, the leading national teams will progress to the FIFA eNations Playoffs in anticipation of the Road to the FIFA  eNations Cup 2022. Registration also began on 5th October 2021.

EA SPORTS FIFA 22 Global Series 2022 (the Individual Best)

Qualifications for this category are set to commence on 27th November 2021. There will be online tournaments across all ten global regions alongside the traditional showcase of the 1v1 competitive FIFA format. While football betting is one of the most-loved betting fronts, esports tournaments are starting to gain traction on the betting front among many within the esports community. If you’re looking to get in on either regular sports betting or esports betting make sure to read a Bovada review before diving in and picking a bookmaker.

The over 30 leagues that support esports programs globally, including UEFA Champions League, Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Libertadores, CONMEBOL, and Ligue 1, will offer fans who live in their respective nations a chance to represent real-world clubs. All rankings will be publicly displayed on FIFA.GG.

Standard Rules of The FIFA Global Series 2022


Players are required to register using a valid EA Account to be eligible for the competition. You are also required to accept all FIFA official rules and the respective Event rules for the competition you wish to participate in. Registration is open from 4th October 2021 and runs till 31st December 2021. If you want to join the Team Of The Year Cup, you may need to pay a registration fee of $50 per team.


Age Requirement

The overall minimum age to participate in the competition is 16 years. The rule is, however, different for some countries. If you are from Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, South Korea, or Russia, you need to be 18 years old to participate. Also, players from Japan should be 17 years old.

  • You should have a valid EA Account.
  • You should personally register your valid EA Account and accept all event rules
  • All players under the minority age bracket should have written consent from a guardian or parent who will be required to review all rules. If there is also a need for physical travel, the parent or guardian shall accompany the minor to any needed destination.
  • You should be a resident of only one of the listed eligible countries.
  • You should be an owner of the game and connect it to your valid EA account.
  • You should also agree to EAs User Agreement and Privacy and Cookie Policy located at https://privacy.ea.com and https://terms.ea.com, respectively.
  • You should possess a valid PSN ID.
  • You should also be a Battlefy account holder.
  • You should be a Discord account holder.
  • You should have a valid invitation from EA to participate.


A player is required to provide sufficient proof of residency in any of the eligible countries. The documentation or evidence is entirely subject to confirmation by an EA agent in complete discretion.

Any player(s) invited to participate in any live event will be required to sign a Declaration of Eligibility to Travel. They must also prove their country of permanent residency through any form of government-issued identification, including a valid work visa, driver’s license, or identification card. Players under the majority age may be required to produce their school identification card, while the guardian or parent should have any form of government-issued identification. A recent utility company invoice with a physical address and name from an eligible country may also be required.

Complete Rules for the competition may be accessed on the official FIFA website.

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