Different Types of Real Money Card Games – Which One is Right for You?

The people of India have wholeheartedly warmed up to online card games involving real money. They are a huge form of entertainment in our mundane lives and have also become a part of traditional culture. Keep scrolling to learn about the top real money card games that you explore during your free time. 

Rummy has been a personal favourite of Indians for centuries. Even Millenials love playing this game due to its simplicity and fast-paced nature. You can easily become a pro at this game with some practice at Rummy Circle. Often referred to as paplu, the game is perfect for people who have strong reasoning and analytical skills. 

The skill-based 13-card game can be played between two to six people. Unlike most card games, rummy involves Jokers. If you want to win a rummy cash game, you must be well aware of all the rules. The card game has different variations, including pool rummy, points rummy, and deals rummy. 

  • Bridge

Bridge or also known as contract bridge, is a globally popular card game. The game requires a mindful approach and effective strategies for players to become successful. Several books have been written on the challenging card game, and it is loved by the youth as well as the elderly population. Your objective while playing bridge should be to win as many points as possible during each bid. 

A total of four players are required to play bridge, and the players get segmented into two teams. Bridge involves the standard 52-card deck, with each player getting 13 cards. The game requires you to observe the cards available in your hand and carefully plan the moves for the consecutive tricks well in advance. Some popular variations of the fun game include the Chicago bridge and the rubber bridge. 

  • Mendiklot

Mendikot originated in the country and became immensely popular in Maharashtra and Gujarat. The name of the game comes from the word “mendi”, meaning zero and “kot”, meaning victory. The only number with a zero among playing cards is 10. Therefore, players need to collect the maximum number of 10s to win the game. 

The game requires four players divided into two pairs. When a team gets all the 10 fours, they win. While playing mendikot, you should be using your 10s extremely wisely. Dehla Pakad is a well-known variation of Mendikot. 

Tips and Strategies for Playing Real Money Card Games

Irrespective of which real money card game you are a fan of, these tips and strategies are crucial for you and help you go a long way:

  • Don’t Be Impulsive

You must be tactful while playing online real money card games. Being impulsive will urge you to make the wrong moves, and you might end up hampering your chances of winning. You will have to stay calm and keep a clear head even amidst the excitement of playing these fun games.

  • Choose the Right Game

You will come across different types of online card games, and you will have to decide the one that’s for you. Every player has their preferences and might be better at one game than the other. Moreover, every game has multiple variations. You need to check out which one works best for you to increase your chances of winning. 

  • Be Careful

The games are so interesting that you can get hooked on them quite easily. But thanks to the responsible gaming feature on platforms like the Rummy Circle, you don’t have to worry about these games turning into an addiction. You will be able to set a time limit and budget to ensure that your gaming habits are in control. 

Closing Thoughts

Once you become a pro at real money card games, you will have a fascinating experience. Online card games will make you forget the face of boredom even when you are stuck at home and have nothing to do. Start playing today without further ado!

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