Difference between different dining table heights

Many people wonder just how high dining tables should be. There are standard table heights, but in truth, it is more of a range heights categorized under three labels – traditional dining table height, counter height tables, and bar height tables. 

Regardless of which dining table you choose, make sure that you get the chairs that come with the dining set. This is the easiest way to make sure that the chairs work with the odd table height. Not sure what height you should get? Here are the differences between them and how to choose the right one for you.

Average dining table height

How high is the average dining table? There is actually somewhat of a range of dimensions that fit within this average category. In fact, the average dining table could be a height of 28 to 32 inches with chair seat heights of at least 20 to 24 inches. This is the typical height of comfort for the average adult while being short enough to adapt to a child. 

If you have small children, you really should stick to the low end of the range. On the other hand, if you have several tall people in your household you might want to look at the taller dining tables.

Counter height dining tables

Counter height dining tables are a great option if you need a table that you can work at or use while standing. Counter height tables are around 34 to 36 inches tall, and also give you the option for adjustable height seating, which is ideal for family gatherings or a diverse household. You can also get counter height seating that matches the table and the rest of the dining set collection.

Counter height dining tables are not ideal when you have small children unless you can get an adjustable height seat appropriate for the purpose. You could still use a booster seat that straps to the chair at the high dining tables, but the child should be strapped in at all times and never left unattended.

Bar height dining tables

Don’t have a lot of room for a dining space? Bar height dining table sets could be the best solution. These dining tables are typically between 40 to 42 inches in height. They are also usually round and not meant to hold more than a few plates of food. They are ideal for small households or single roommates, as well as small dining spaces. 

These dining sets usually include barstools rather than dining chairs. This can actually be of great benefit with such a setup, with the majority of barstools today being adjustable to some extent. Of course, this type of dining table and barstools are really not suitable for use with children, but they can be a nice addition to your kitchen for a more intimate adult conversation or meal.

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