Creating a Movie like Love Life

Fantasies rarely come true but having a loving wife, and loving husband, comes true every day. Other challenges that occur are relationships going downhill because of lack of effort. When this happens most of us wish we could have a movie-like love life.

It means what we watch in movies is now more appealing. Worse is the feeling that our lives will never be better, and movies are all fantasies for escapism. However, that is not the case. There are some aspects to movie love stories manifesting in real life every day.

What does it entail?

So what do these movie love lives entail? Well, it is not about flashy cars and champagne pouring during every meal. It is not about yachts, vacations, and blissful mornings every day. Nevertheless, it is about harmony in relationships and understanding each other’s needs. This is what relationships in movies are made of. Here are tried and proven ways to make for a movie-like relationship.

1. Adventure

Meet your next European babe at and take trips upcountry mountain climbing. Try safer adventures like trailing, and skiing, or wild ones like bungee jumping. The idea is to avoid normalcy or mediocrity and find something exceptional.

These adventures also bring out other parts of your personality.

You may find that your partner is a speed freak, or is fabulous with kids. These movie-like experiences can turn your life around overnight. It is the moment people move from one city to another after finding their hidden talents.

2. Spontaneity

Try things on a spontaneous basis. It means taking on a picnic idea randomly and going with it. Surprise her even when it is not her birthday. Take her to a quiet picnic area and cook, if it is allowed. Be random regarding nights of intimacy and surprise her with gifts for her and even family. These approaches create a movie-like experience for dating couples and of course, married ones too.

3. Have custom-fit codes of conduct

When couples fall in love and decide to take over the world, they insist on having a life that’s theirs. It means a movie-like experience involves having codes for distress, for when one needs to leave a party, or one is horny. These codes leave couples feeling indestructible and in their world. When conflicts arise, there is also a specific way to handle them. It will most likely not involve family or the intervention of friends. This is how movie scenes and couples handle conflict.

4. Empathy and compassion

Long-lasting relationships and couples have one thing in common; they are selfless. Relationships work better when the man inquires and genuinely inquires how their partner is doing. The vice versa should also be true. When you put your partner first and they reciprocate, relationships blossom.

Even married couples have date nights. This is when they enjoy intimate time together similar to when they were dating. You can plan at-home date nights on your balcony, in your backyard, or even in the bedroom. It boils down to making merry with your partner as often as possible, with or without loads of money.

Bottom Line

Incidentally, affordability should be the key to a movie-like love life. Don’t be a cheapskate but focus on what you can do with limited time and cash. It is these circumstances that build creativity and a stronger bond between couples. Further, it is important to note that couples are different, needs are varying and some are older than others. What makes you happy won’t necessarily work for another couple.

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