Best Video Editing Apps in 2022

Since the platforms like Youtube and Tik Tok have taken over the digital space, the use of photo editing apps has grown. People are using these tools to edit their content on the go and upload the content from their mobile phones. Other than this, the applications are also being used to create memory videos, memes, and other visual content. Therefore, after understanding the growing usage of video editing apps, we have listed the top 5 Video editing apps that are available for users for free.

So the list goes as:


The number one app on our list is Quik. Quik is a multi-functional application for Video editing.  It comes with features like adding photos in the given sequence or subtracting time lapses with respect to the needs of the user. Other than this, the app features a user-friendly interface that any user can easily grasp and edit the video to an optimum level. The user can also add songs or music to videos through Quik – the app also has a list of 100 plus songs to choose from. So the use of Quik can help a lot if you intend to edit your video.

Adobe Premiere Rush:

The next application on our list is the renowned application of adobe for video editing and that is Adobe Premiere Rush. This application is unique in this category as it gives the user two formats: One fully automatic version that gives the user ease and does most of the work. The second format is the customized one that involves the choice of the user. There are multiple feature lists that a user can select from in the customizable format. For instance, the user can add music to the video, cut and crop a particular sequence and also sync the music to the video with just a few clicks. So Adobe Premiere Rush is a healthy addition for the users who intend to edit video and don’t have time to learn the basics.


In the third slot, we have a cool video editing application with the name Splice. This video editing app will surely spice up your video through the range of features. The most prominent features of this application are the trim and crop features. You can edit any part and cut out any part if it is not suitable for the video or if it is making the video long. Likewise, another feature of the list is to make use of the footage library that Splice offers you. You can take any format or template from the library and use it on your video. Thus, Splice is a good video editing application that you can use to get the most out of your videos.

King Master:

If you are looking for a professional video editing application then King Master is the application you are looking for. The application comes with prominent features that are present in professional video editing applications. Like, the application gives you the formation of video editing frame by frame – as happens in every software. Furthermore, the application also gives you the editing feature of music in which you can sharpen or dampen the voice. So this makes a lot for users who want to edit the videos on mobile.

Add Music To Video & Editor:

This is the last app on our list, and it functions as an app that add music to video. It syncs the music with the video and gives its users a choice to trim or cut the video to their own choice. You can import your own music or pick from a variety of audio and visual effects. It’s important to be aware that the Add Audio to Video & Editor tool doesn’t have a built-in library of songs that you can use in your video if you don’t own the rights to the songs you want to use. A watermark is also present in every video created with the free version.

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