Are Online Games Good for Mental Health?

Is playing video games one of your hobbies? Most adults and children play video games. They have been a reliable form of entertainment for more than thirty years. You can build or break your mental health when playing video games or chasing after vulkan bet bonus bez depozytu. Video gaming can stimulate your mind and improve your reasoning and problem-solving skills. It becomes bad for your mental health when you overdo it. We will discuss the effects of excessive video gaming.

How video gaming affects mental health

Moderation in everything you do is vital. The same rule should apply when playing video games. If you moderate your play, you can reap benefits from your fun activity. In contrast, you can ruin your mental health if all you want to do is to play video games. The more time you spend on video gaming, the more you may ignore other areas of your life. And if you neglect other aspects of life, you may develop stress and anxiety. Gaming addiction is a serious disease just like other forms of addictions. Video gaming may cause the following 3 issues.


Many studies support the fact that video gaming may cause depression. However, it mainly occurs in people who have gaming addiction or other problems. Some may use excessive gaming as a coping mechanism. Others may feel depressed because they cannot stop themselves from gaming all the time. If one plays video games and attends to other areas of their life, they are unlikely to feel depressed.

If someone neglects their health and fitness, career, business, family, friendships, and education because of video gaming, they may feel depressed. The problem with an addiction is that you cannot stop yourself even if you have the desire. As a result, some people use gaming as a way to escape their symptoms. In the end, they worsen their depression and mental health.

Social anxiety 

Video gaming is a cause of social anxiety. The more you play, the more you neglect real relationships with people. There will come a time when you will prefer hiding away from people. When you struggle with physical world relationships, you can find solace in your video games. An escape from real life can make you develop social anxiety.

Even if you chat on Facebook, Twitter, or on another website, you do not make physical contact with real people. That means you lose an opportunity to meet friends who can keep you from feeling lonely and depressed. If you want video gaming to affect the mind positively, go out there and create relationships with real humans. You can socialize online with people, but you have no way of knowing their real identities. Again, play video games for fun after spending your day in the physical world.

Affects your drive

Just to remind you, video gaming cannot affect your motivation and drive if you do it in moderation. When you do it excessively, it will impact your motivation negatively. Video games test your prowess and IQ by offering levels. When you overcome one level, you feel a strong desire to conquer the next one.

Thus, gaming can get to a point where it makes you feel like an achiever. Immersive games also hook your mind to nothing else but them. They make you creative and social with non-real things. The result is that you might lack the drive to achieve other goals or try out other hobbies.

Final word

If you want to play video games and feel good about it, do it to have fun. After fulfilling your duties in other aspects of your life, sit down and play your best video game. That way you can avoid depression, social anxiety, and lack of drive.

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