All you are required to know before bowling for the first time

Blowing is typically a game that can be enjoyed when alone, with family and friends, or even competitively with you being a part of a bowling league or team. It is a nice game because it can be played in any season and by the young and elderly. Generally, it is a great way of passing the time during the summer and winter holidays. Therefore, the article below provides you with essential tips to know as a beginner before going bowling. Let’s get started.

What bowling equipment is needed?

  • A bowling ball

The essential piece of equipment for this game is the bowling ball. Therefore, you are required to choose the best ball because bowling with the right ball can greatly improve your overall consistency and score. As a beginner, you can buy your bowling ball or use a house ball. House balls are typically provided to you by the bowling alley for people without bowling balls. On the other hand, house balls usually come in various weights, each with different finger hole sizes to help accommodate various old or young bowlers.

You are also required to choose the right ball weight because bowling balls differ in weight from approximately nine to sixteen pounds. Professional bowlers usually use heavy pounds, but you should select a bowling ball that matches your strength for beginners. Of importance is to note that house balls are usually a bit heavier than professionally-made balls because finger holes are usually not drilled according to your specifications. Therefore, it is essential to try out different balls before deciding which meets your needs

  • Bowling shoes

Another essential piece of equipment that you must have is a pair of bowling shoes. You can either rent or buy your pair of bowling shoes. If you are going to bowl for long, you are encouraged to invest in high-quality bowling shoes that perfectly fit your feet. Doing so saves your time when bowling and saves a lot of money, especially if you will be bowling for a long period.

  • Additional equipment

Even though bowling shoes and the bowling ball are the only pieces of equipment required, you might see that other experienced blowers have extra gear. They are like wrist support or wrist guard to prevent the back of the blowing hand from tilting or twisting before delivering the ball. Finger tapes are also used to cover the fingers going into the bowling ball holes, thus reducing the friction that can cause scars or blisters. To find other pieces of equipment that might be needed, click for more detail.

Bowling strikes, frames, and spares

Generally, there are ten frames in bowling. In every frame, the bowler is required to knock down as many pins as he can by rolling the ball twice. However, if they knock down all the pins with the first shot, called a strike, they are not supposed to roll more than once.

But if the blower fails to kick down any pin in their first shot, they are supposed to roll it again to try and knock down the remaining pins. And if they knock down any pin, it is referred to as a spare-the second-best shot.

Other than the above pieces of equipment and terms used, you are also required to learn about the rules of bowling, both written and unwritten. Similarly, you are also supposed to learn bowling tips like aiming and lining up, bowling a straight ball, and practicing your approach, among many others.

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