8 Hobbies That Could Help You Pocket Some Extra Money

Something that many of us dream about, is finding ways to turn hobbies into a job. Not to the point that you no longer enjoy them of course. Read on to learn about some hobbies that can do just this.


One small hobby that a lot of people engage with across the world is writing. Writing can vary in a few different topics. For example, it could be poetry that you write, or it could be a short story. In some cases, it could even be translating texts. If you have any inkling of writing skill, you will find a few different ways to earn extra money on the side. Speak to industry experts and research online to find ways you can make this happen.


Music is a getaway that many people enjoy. This could be for you listening to music or it could be about giving yourself the space to create something. Plenty of people will jam with music just as an outlet. However, if you feel like you have any sense of talent, then you could incorporate your talent into a commodity. This means you could sell the music or sign up to platforms that pay you a small amount for the plays or streams you get. If it’s your desire, you could look into becoming a music producer if you believe you’ve got the ear for it and the contacts.

If you are talented, then you could start performing local gigs in your area, before starting to take off across the country. All musicians started their careers with a hobby, and you may be no different.


A more unique hobby that has sprung up in recent years is gaming via a video console. Whilst gaming in this way has existed in some form for a few decades, it’s worth knowing about how much the industry has changed as both a hobby and a potential job. Gaming is now accessible across multiple platforms, from mobile devices and other handheld ones to traditional consoles and PCs.

Not only has the hardware changed, but the software and games available has increased. All of this means that is easier than ever for anyone to get involved with the genre. Not only has this assisted the personal scene, but there is the possibility of monetising this hobby. Of course, you could monetise within the industry as a developer, but let’s explore other options. 

For example, if you’re a casual gamer, you could take up streaming. Streaming allows you to play a game you’re interested in, with viewers watching you. You can interact with them, and they can subscribe to you for a small fee each month to support you and get some perks. They can also directly donate. If you’re not into streaming, but you are good at games, then you could look into entering tournaments to win prizes. This could lead to you joining a team and even earning a salary alongside game wins and tournament prizes.

Gaming can also refer to online gambling, that allows you to enter online casinos to play games you’re good at and enjoy. This gives you the chance to win money at the press of a button, at the same odds you’d have in a physical casino. All the games that you would find in a traditional casino are available. Games such as poker, blackjack and even online slots. To find the right casino for you and learn the benefits of playing online with a live dealer, it’s worth going over to Online Casino Review. They have guides to help you learn about the online casino world, and reviews for some of the most popular online casinos available.


Cooking is one of those hobbies that if you spend enough time learning, you can become pretty good at it. Not only can you learn how to make you and your family delicious meals, but you could also find ways to make money. This happens when you decide to batch cook popular dishes of yours. It commonly happens with cakes and bakes, which you could sell to a local café to sell to their customers. 

Alternatively, you could become a specialist baker who creates food based on demand and to an individual wish. This is usually for those who are a bit more creative, but truly anyone can get involved if they learn. This is something that can start as a hobby that can earn some money on the side or become your full time job if you so wish.


Photography is a hobby that used to be quite hard to get into, purely because it was expensive to get the equipment that you need. Thanks to modern smartphones, almost everyone has the capacity to take breath-taking photos. Modern apps also allow you to make world class edits that can improve the quality of the images you take. Be aware of what you can legally photograph in your country, as there may be some places banned from being photographed.

DIY Crafts

If you are good at creating things, you could turn your hobby of creating whatever you create. You will find that people love purchasing goods from small creators as it will be something unique. This could be perfect for gift-giving, or it could be something that people like to have at their own home.


You would be surprised at how many don’t like gardening. They consider it too much of a chore and will often pay people to do it for them. This means that if you enjoy gardening, you could get the pleasure of sorting and arranging a garden, whilst being paid for it too.


Art is one that does not need to be explained. If you are talented at art in any way, and it can encompass a range of style and types, then you will have the chance to earn some extra cash. Consider looking into art shows to showcase your art or look into the possibility of selling them online. This will be a great way to grow your hobby into extra money for your pockets.

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