6 Cheap Online Writing Tools for College Students

The internet has excellent writing tools to help college students to complete assignments or work faster on their academic projects. These apps reduce the time taken to complete a paper. The student has more time to relax or work on other more interesting personal projects. You can also buy college essay online and submit your paper within hours. 

 One of the challenges with writing tools is the price. While most of the tools are free, some require a subscription to access premium features. The subscription may be out of reach for most college students. Others with free features do not deliver the quality of service you would expect from an app. 

Some of the writing tools are cheap yet deliver the best homework experience. Here are a few to look out for. 

  • Grammarly 

Grammarly is a writing and editing tool. It allows you to produce precise and flawless essays that will capture the attention of your readers, resulting in the best grades. It feels like working with a real-time editor.

Grammarly is installed as an add-in on your word-processing software. It highlights the mistakes on your document to give you room to rectify them. Some of the errors caught by Grammarly include typing, wrong or poor choice of words, punctuations, missing words, and repetitions, among others. 

Grammarly comes with a free version. It has enough features to help you deliver flawless paper. At the same time, an upgrade is affordable and will deliver excellent written work. You will not need to hire an editor if you have Grammarly. 

  • Google Docs

Google Docs is a writing and collaboration tool. It is a cloud-based word-generation software. The app allows you to write your paper online for easier access anytime and from whichever gadget you might want to use at a particular time. 

Cloud-based Google Docs means that you can continue writing your paper wherever you find useful materials. Your paper is available in an updated version across different gadgets. You can update your paper while collecting data in the field, in the library when you find new points, or even at the park when an idea strikes. You do not have to produce multiple documents whenever you are using a different gadget. 

Google Docs will work perfectly when you have a project that requires collaboration. It allows different people to update the same document from remote locations. In the age of online learning and social distancing, you still can work on a group assignment. Google Docs tracks the contributions made by every member with permission to edit the document. The admin can accept or deny the changes. That way, working on a group project becomes seamless. 

  • Evernote

Evernote is an organization tool that will give you the best homework experience. Evernote allows you to collect all the materials you need for your assignment. With a mini-database, it will be easy to work on the paper in record time. 

Evernote is a cloud-based organization tool. Because of this capability, you can access your e-books, images of assignments, and audio files from any location. It means that you keep working on your paper without having to carry along your gadgets wherever you go. Evernote also comes with an advanced search mechanism that allows easier retrieval of the resources. You have all your reference materials within reach. 

  • myHomework Planner

College homework is overwhelming at the time. You have different assignments, each with a unique deadline. With a homework planner, you can track the progress made on each assignment. The app also allows you to set individual milestones for each assignment. 

myHomework Planner has room for different milestones for each assignment. It will send alerts at set intervals to avoid waking up to a surprise deadline. Beyond assignments, you can use the app to plan your time in college. It gives you a dashboard view, helping you to monitor the time spent on each task. 

  • Canva 

Canva is a graphics design tool. It helps you to create appropriate images and graphics for your paper. Whether you have taken pictures in the field or would love to present a flow chart, Canva is the best app to use. 

Canva is easy to learn. You will be ready to produce professional graphics within minutes of signing up. It is free for basic features. It will save all your projects for easier future access. 

  • Citation Machine 

College assignments require you to cite all your sources. The citations will be scrutinized thoroughly because they form a part of the academic assessment. They can take a lot of time and also bother you as you chase accuracy. Citation Machine will help you to generate all the citations you need for your paper. You only need to choose the formatting style and a citation will be automatically generated. 

According to college essay writing services, students who use writing tools have an easier time completing assignments. They dedicate more time to discussions in their papers resulting in insightful essays. Choose the right app for each task and you will enjoy blissful college years despite overwhelming assignments. 

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