6 Advantages of Outsourcing Game Development

We’re in a highly tech-obsessed world, where individuals find gaming an interesting activity to spend time. Development projects need proper coordination and professionalism. That’s why you need game development outsourcing to overcome different challenges associated with game start-ups and expenses. Outsourcing game development has enabled game developers to develop a game in a cost-efficient way. The process involves entrusting development responsibilities to external developers, artists, and studios. These tasks include 3D or 2D animation, audio creation, QA testing, programming, and character designs. But does outsourcing solve every development challenge, or does it have hidden limitations? Let’s discuss this service in detail, discovering its advantages and disadvantages and its current position in the gaming industry.

Why do companies trust game development outsourcing?

Original high-quality innovation is important in the gaming field. Game developers are pressured to produce adequate content that meets game lovers’ demands. That’s where game development outsourcing rescues these professionals. A properly drafted approach enables big studios to develop more content, meet tight schedules without compromises, and sometimes save costs. However, it’s wrong to think game development outsourcing is magical and solves all development issues at once. It comes with difficulties and pitfalls, but it’ll not cause big trouble if it’s well managed.

Often game development is divided into small portions, with each segment serving a different goal. Outsourcing some of these minor parts improves design features implementation and makes the entire process more appealing. It helps professionals carry out activities independently and neutralize problems that come with development. For example, adaptation and project-based recruiting take time. Furthermore, this approach help companies yield impressive results on each game element. Such as; writing codes, making 2D/3D assets, composing creative soundtrack, and creating original game designs.

Advantages of outsourcing game development

Outsourcing game development comes with many benefits regarding game developers, specialization, and production.

On the game developers’ side, it’s beneficial in these ways;

  • No training needed
  • Reduced rates
  • Experienced and trained talent
  • Availability and scalability

In terms of specialization;

  • Improves game art
  • Game engine and language
  • Video and mobile games

In terms of production;

  • Improves Quality and
  • Volume

We’ll discuss a partial list of the main advantages of outsourcing game development;

Improved productivity levels

It’s strenuous for a company to handle different projects at once, especially game-related activities that call for high concentration levels. It’s easy for a project to lack the right focus and urgency it deserves. Hence, causing certain defects in the final result. Outsourcing game development activities will guarantee good results. The outsourcer will ensure the client’s multiple projects are not negatively affected. These IT experts will deliver services in game development with the attention each area deserves. Thereby improving productivity.

Improves time management

Delay in production will negatively affect the company’s overall productivity. Outsourcing allows specialists to control multiple tasks with much ease, reducing time wastage. Hence, enables you to accomplish your development goals within the agreed time frame. It also makes it possible to have different game development design at the same time, leading to persistent growth of the organization. However, ensure you work with a game development outsourcing company that values time and commits itself to review and achieve your game requirements before the deadline.

Improves expertise

External expertise can help you improve your project in various ways. Your business will access different talented artists who will provide better solutions for your game development. However, you should be reasonable enough to know what should be outsourced and when in-house is better. Create a clear dividing line and know who you’ll hire. Is it 2D, 3D artists, game designers, testers, programmers, voice actors, or professional musicians?

Minimizes repetitive work

By allowing outsourcers to handle repetitive tasks, you’ll comfortably focus your team’s energy on operations that are more important and interesting. Outsourcing is convenient if you have different projects that need to be worked on simultaneously. This way, you’ll prevent overtime for your team, make you an understanding and better employer to work with and keep your personnel motivated.

No training needed

Hiring an in-house team requires your company to train new hires. By contrast, outsourcing does not need any training, which also applies to game development outsourcing. In-house hiring involves training new employees in terms of skills and assisting them in adjusting to your company’s culture. Hence, time-consuming. By outsourcing game development experts, you work with programmers, designers, and artists already trained in their specialized fields and experienced to adapt other companies’ operation styles. Hence, can execute responsibilities designated to them on time without any delay.

Scalability and availability

Developing a video game needs a lot of assets. It requires many innovations for various functions, such as game physics, user-experience-related activities, and artificial intelligence. You’ll need to up your workforce during peak months to meet your deadlines. Outsourcing experts will help you speed up your game development and make the project available when you need it.

What are the risks of outsourcing game development?

Data security issues-confidentiality can be compromised when you reveal your ideas and solutions to an outsourcing company.

Unreliability-outsourcers have limited obligations to your company, and they don’t share your business’ goals and team spirit. An independent freelancer can easily receive labor payment and disappear. It’s safer to work with a well-established company for reliability.

Incompatibility and low-quality-outsourcers are likely to use other standards and offer incompatible results to your game development needs.

What to consider before outsourcing game development

  • Does the outsourcer provide services you need?
  • Does the outsourcer have the right specialists your company needs?
  • Do the third-party artists align with your artistic goals?
  • What’s the culture of the outsourcing company?
  • What’s the availability and reliability of the outsourcing company?
  • Is the outsourcer’s quotation within your budget?
  • Is the outsourcer ready for revisions?
  • Does the third party provide quality testing?
  • Does the outsourcing company offer post-production support?


Outsourcing game development comes with many benefits. However, it has risks too. The final result depends on the outsourcing company you work with. Your management skills and experience will also determine the success of outsourcing game development. Create a clear strategy for the entire project before deciding whether or not you’ll outsource. Ensure you work with an artist who has all the skills needed to design your game as you envision it!

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