5 Ways Dallas Differs from Other Cities in Texas

Many people seem to think that Texas is the same, but this is the second largest state in the country: it’s massive.  Every city here has its personality, and Dallas is no different.

These are the top five ways that Dallas has set itself apart and that for the rest of the state.  

Dallas Gets Snow

Unlike San Antonio or El Paso, Dallas gets snow!  On average, it has between one and three snow days every year, allowing occupants to enjoy the day off school and watch as the snow makes its way down.  The city has several programs to ensure that this weather change causes no crashes or incidents, and it understands the importance of taking colder weather seriously. 

Far Less Rain than Houston

Although Houston is closer to 100 rainy days a year, Dallas barely sees 80, and even then, they aren’t the massive storms that more southern cities face.  This means that those who live here can enjoy walking around without fear of needing an umbrella at any moment, but also that the air is dryer.  Drier air means less humidity, which in turn ensures that when it’s hot out, it’s not as muggy as other places get.

Home to 21 Fortune 500 Companies

Fortune 500 companies are a clear mark that a city is doing well, and Dallas has 21 of them all to itself.  These include Exxon Mobil, AT&T, and JC Penney.  This means that those who live here can find a job in the corporate office of one of these companies, which pays far better than other businesses would.  Because Dallas apartments are more expensive than the Texas average, more people can be comfortable living within the city since their pay covers it.

Home to Seven Pro Sports Teams

Pro sports teams may not be everything to everyone, but it means the world to those it matters to.  From the Dallas Cowboys to the Dallas Stars and Texas Rangers, you can find an awesome team out of the 21 pro sports teams to cheer for as long as you’re in Dallas.  There are also more than 200 golf courses in this area, ensuring that if you couldn’t get onto pro teams, you can still have fun playing sports as well.

The Birthplace of Many Inventions

People in Dallas are extremely creative and inventive since they’ve been able to bring so many amazing products into the world.  From the frozen margarita machine that will chase away those hot summer days to the integrated circuit computer chip that eventually became the microchip, without Dallas we’d be missing so much that we use in our daily lives.  

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With incredible weather, fantastic people, and enough jobs and inventions to keep anyone busy for a lifetime, Dallas is a city that’s made a name for itself time and time again. So whether you’re a fan of its sports teams, or you like the idea of living in a tech-heavy city, Dallas is the place to go!

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