5 Tips on How to Better Care For Your AirPods

It has been almost half a decade since Apple released the AirPods in 2016. These revamped earphones became the most popular iPhone accessory in the succeeding years. It is not surprising, because it is small, compact, and stylish. The AirPods also became a status symbol. People already know you are loaded once they realize you are using it.

Though it is cute and convenient to use, it is not recommended for anyone who easily loses things. Same with people like you who like listening to blaring music, wondering how to make your AirPods louder. Maybe you are also thinking about how you can make it charge faster.

There is no denying that the function of the AirPods serves, which is why it should be taken care of, and should not be used haphazardly. Whether you are using them to listen to your playlist or for pure aesthetics, take note of these five tips on how to better care for your Airpods.

1. Make It Louder

Earphones are for private listening, it’s true. But that does not mean you can’t make them louder. Contrary to what most people believe, the best way to maintain the AirPods’ sound quality is by testing different songs and music genres.

Users recommend disabling the low power mode as one of the recommended ways you can make it louder. Another way is to calibrate your AirPods with your iPhone. Meanwhile, you can also disable the headphone volume limit. 

2. Get Silicone Case and Tips

There are iPhone cases of every color and style. It can be slim, colorful, or transparent, but not everyone is familiar with AirPods casings. If the user is unfamiliar, you can always check websites that sell silicone tips and cases for your earphone.

Though there are already tips included in the package, it is better to get one that covers half the earphones. On the other hand, silicone cases for AirPods are stylish and protective at the same time. Always choose a thick casing that can lessen the impact when accidentally dropped.

3. Attach A Chain

AirPods are so easy to lose and misplace. The fact that it’s connected via Bluetooth does not help either. It will not detect the ones you lose. But some users have been creative. Aside from hooking the cases to their belt, they also attached chains to the ends of the earphones.

While some say the chain lessens the simple sophistication of the AirPods, others think it’s a necessary addition to keep it safe. With the cheapest pair at $129, it is not surprising why others want to keep it as long as possible. Money does not come from trees, after all.

4. Charge When Necessary

Electronic devices and gadgets are fragile. Just one drop, you may see your phone hanging onto its dear life. With one wrong click, your files may get deleted. It is a problem everyone faces at least once. Though smartphones are a modern-day necessity, the price that comes with them is still considered a luxury.

The same with AirPods. Though not exactly a necessity, it is the perfect pair for your iPhone. To maximize either gadgets’ use, do not charge them too often. Plug it in when the battery goes below 25%. Otherwise, you will damage it. It will be beneficial to you and your gadgets if you charge them only when necessary. Maintaining it in tip-top shape is a challenge for every user. Sure, you can afford the next release, but that does not mean you should neglect them.

5. Clean It Regularly

Though it is quite obvious, making sure your gadgets are clean and sanitized regularly is key. Not just because the world is still amid a pandemic, but because it is the best way to care for them. You can use your AirPods for years if you know how to clean them.

Apple recommends using a soft linen cloth or disinfecting wipes to clean the exterior of the AirPods. Do not use bleach and hydrogen peroxide because it will ruin your earphones. Also, remember to avoid getting water to the speaker mesh and other openings. 


How you take care of your things mirrors how you treat yourself. If you do not want to be unkempt and neglectful, you should start loving yourself as much as you love your gadgets. Things are replaceable, but money is not easily earned. This value should be applied to iPhones and AirPods as well. Though the two come together in a box, it does not mean you should only care about one and forget the other. It should not also mean that you can overuse them both. It is all about how you balance them out, therefore leading to a much longer use. If you need more tips and ideas for your gadgets, visit CellularNews.com for more information!

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