5 Popular Forms Of Online Gambling in 2022

With constant advancements in technology, online gambling has quickly become a very lucrative online business. People play online bingo, online blackjack, and even video slot machines for fun – but there are other forms that people seem to forget about.

If you’d like to know a bit more about these forms of gambling, feel free to read on!

  • Online Casinos

This is the absolute winner in terms of being a popular form of online gambling! The first online casino launched in 1994 and within a few years, there were already hundreds for people to try. Some of the favored games include slots, blackjack, and roulette. 

More online casinos have emerged over the years – to the point where it’s hard to pinpoint just how many of them exist today! Some are local and only available in particular countries, whereas others are international giants. 

Judging from the growing popularity of the concept in 2022, the amount of players is probably somewhere in the millions!

  • Lotteries

The lottery remains one of the most ancient forms of organized gambling. Almost every single country in the world has its national lottery, and people always purchase their tickets in a frenzy for the chance to win their millions (if not more!)

Many lotteries have made the switch to operating a large portion of their business online in recent years – which has only served to bring in more ticket sales. Purchasing tickets online is far more convenient, much more accessible, and generally a lot safer for people living in this modern age as it can all be done at the touch of the user’s fingertips. 

While online lottery ticket sales haven’t yet overtaken the old-fashioned way of buying them in person, the prevalence of online ticket purchasing continues to grow.

  • Sports Betting

Sports remain a popular form of entertainment around the world. This is a solid reason why it remains such a popular form of gambling (if one can call it that). As a result, betting on sports is slowly becoming one of the most accepted forms of gambling in operation today

The goal of online sports betting is to accurately predict the player or team that will win a particular sporting event. You’ll bet your money on the type of outcome you expect. The basic rules are as follows: if your predictions are correct then you will win money. But if your bets are all wrong, you’ll lose all the money that you have risked. 

Some popular sports betting games include MLB, NFL, NBA, and XFL.

  • Online Poker

Online poker sites allow players to utilize real money to credit the same amount into their online account on their chosen gambling website. These funds are used for game and tournament participation throughout the site. It is a similar concept to receiving chips at a regular casino.

With online poker, players can enter some games with funds around the $2 mark, and can also withdraw real money whenever they want to. 

If a player is unsure about how to play poker, the majority of sites will provide basic play rules. Some websites will even have free practice rooms for you to play in until you are comfortable and confident in your understanding of the game to bet some real money.

It’s no surprise that this game remains so popular!

  • Raffle

Perhaps this addition seems a little off, but it’s popular enough at the moment that it just had to have a place on this list!

Whether you’ve entered a competition to win a holiday or a new mobile phone, you’ve likely encountered a couple of raffles at some point in your life.  Although you won’t find this type of game at any online casino, you may find it in the form of regular prize draws for everyday things, which work in relatively the same way as a raffle.


These are just some of the popular forms of online gambling in 2022. All of them come with their own set of restrictions in the U.S. but that hasn’t slowed down their popularity!

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