5 handy tips and tricks to get started in the game DayZ

If you are interested in games that are thrilling, captivating and relentless, then DayZ is the talk of the town. It is an online game that can be played with 60 players on one server. The objective in the game is to protect yourself from the contagious virus that is infectious. The game is all about the survival of the fittest, and for great survival there are plenty of tips and tricks that if used smartly can make the players survive and sustain as long as they can.

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If you are a beginner to this gripping online game, then here we have some useful tips listed to help you ace the game as a strong survivor.

1.   Never Forget the Essentials

In a game of zombie apocalypse, there are some things that are indispensable to have from the beginning, such as food. You must always have sufficient food and there never be a time that you are out of food during the game. Running out of food will affect your energy level, and will slow down your game making it difficult to reach your location and fight off the enemies.

You must always look around for the food, you will find animals occasionally. You must have a knife or a sharp object with you to cut the animals or cans you find on the way.

In the empty houses, you may or may not find the food in there. Therefore, you must always carry food with you in case of emergency.

2.   Try to Live Longer

There comes unexpected times and ways you die in the game, so your objective is to survive the attacks you encounter and aim to live longer. Make a plan, take small steps, play the game with a calm mind.

3.   Avoid High Traffic Places

One of the strategies to survive longer in the game is to stay away from the places that are crowded and densely populated. Avoid dangerous areas such as Northeast and Northwest airfields. These are the places with high death rates that means where you can easily get killed by other players.

Try to be in small villages and towns where you can easily protect yourself and can find adequate supplies of weapons and other resources.

4.   Focus on Stat Bars

You can find the state bar on the upper side of your screen; this allows you to play safe and take precautionary steps throughout the game.

The stat bars also keep you informed about your energy levels and the damages you have suffered. So, the tip to stay alive in the game is to keep an eye on your stat bar.

The low stat bar indicates your low blood level. You can regain your vital components by collecting blood bags or saline, and for the blood loss from any part of the body you can use bandages or rags to stop the bleeding. Bandages are a rare item but are very useful, so don’t miss out on them and use them wisely.

5.   Be Stealthy

The best tip to stay alive and survive the longest depends on how stealthy you are in the game. The key to your existence is to be secretive throughout your struggle, keeping a low profile to remain unnoticed from other players, zombies and bandits.

To play a cautious game, you need to stay away from the busy and bigger roads during the daytime because you cannot go unnoticed. While during the night time, your strategy should be to stay at the edges and crevices behind the walls or trees to stay out of people’s sight.


DayZ is all about surviving in the game when there is this plague of infecting virus turning humans into zombies. The speed is not suggested in this game of survival, moving slowly and hiding low increases your chances to live longer.

If you are frequently dying in the game and getting frustrated, using hacks and tips is the smart option because DayZ is a very competitive game and will help you enjoy your game with a strong gameplay.

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