5 Gaming Trends to Keep Your Eye On

Are you looking for something to get excited about this year?

The gaming industry in 2022 is having a huge shake-up from monetization all the way to work culture. With such massive changes afoot, you might be wondering what you should keep an eye on.

That’s where we come in! Keep reading for these five gaming trends you want to keep an eye on.

1. Blockchain Makes Transactions Safer

Around $218 billion will come from the Blockchain gaming business this year into 2023. People also will spend around $168 billion on transactions while online gaming. That’s big business and it’s clear Blockchain has made this surge possible.

The data encryption methods Blockchain uses have made in-game transactions safer. You can even make and store the in-game assets on Blockchain itself if you wanted to. Because of its potential utility, this is one to watch for 2022.

2. VR & AR Continue to Evolve

This next gaming trend has been around a while but it continues to grow in interest. It’s a fact that virtual reality is the new normal for gaming and will continue to become more mainstream.

It’s blowing up youtube gaming trending lists and people can’t get enough of it. The goal of VR is to be in a virtual world where you can touch the environment and even smell the flowers.

People want virtual experiences that allow them to escape their reality for a while. They want to immerse themselves in a game world as though they were actually living there.

This technology is ever-evolving with more opportunities than ever to try new ideas. It’s expected that games using AR and VR will become a little more sophisticated this year so watch out.

3. Gaming on the Cloud Could Get a Boost

In previous years, one of the most disappointing trends in gaming was cloud gaming. For example, Xbox Cloud gaming was released full to the brim with bugs. Google’s Stadia wasn’t much better and offered little incentive to players.

But with new service providers hitting the market, this could all change. The competition will be fierce and this may force some much-needed improvements for Cloud gaming.

4. Puzzle Games Will Dominate

People have always wanted to play free games online since the birth of the gaming industry. What’s new here is we’re seeing a further rise in the popularity of puzzle games.

Wordle is the game on everyone’s lips and more games like it are springing up. This genre will become one of the most popular in the next few years with a $33,200 million revenue increase by 2025.

5. The Mobile Gaming Experience

In almost any industry, you won’t have a viable position without going mobile. As such, we’re expecting multiplayer mobile games to continue to be all the rage.

What’s made them one of the most popular gaming industry trends is how social they are. This socialization brings with it the pleasure of competing against others. All without needing the best PC hardware on the market.

On top of this Blockchain has made in-app purchases safer and more popular as a result. But this multiplayer trend doesn’t seem to extend to video games in 2022 it seems so bear that in mind.

Gaming Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

There are some exciting gaming trends and changes to expect as 2022 progresses. From the ever-increasing popularity of in-game purchases to genres taking over the market, there is something for everyone to get their teeth stuck in.

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